International Scientific Colloquium

Slavery: what is its impact on the psychology of populations ?

Martinique, October 26th ,27th

and Guadeloupe, October 28th


Association First Caraïbes

(Training (Formation), Intervention, Research, Aids (Sida) - Drug Addiction, and Societal Problems) 

is an association under the 1901 French law, founded in 2000, and presided by Aimé CHARLES-NICOLAS, Professor of Psychiatry, and medical psychology, he founded the CSRM (Reintegration and Care Centre of Martinique, Clarac Hospital), of ATTRAIT (Association of parents of drug users), President of the Pierre Aliker Association (Vagrancy and street pathologies) and of The Psychiatry Society of Martinique. These associations have teamed up with FIRST.

The main perspective for this Regional Association is to promote scientific methods for dealing with Societal Issues.

Expertise in Research-Action

FIRST is as much a place for open reflection as it is a structured intervention tool for municipalities, and bodies to implement a Local Prevention Policy.

Its objectives:

Conduct research and provide local diagnoses.

Support researchers.

Implement Prevention Policies at a Local Level (drugs, violence, delinquency, vagrancy)

Provide appropriate and suitable responses to training requests

Undertake International Cooperation actions

Promote community based education 

Its action:

  • Clear Cut

Implementation of an original idea: targeted prevention, with secondary school pupils (12 year old – (500 secondary school children) learning how to use the Internet, and to take drug addiction prevention initiatives.

  • General meeting on Violence

First action: Everyone involved and concerned by the matter meets, with the objective of discussing, analysing the phenomena and to ACT by changing people’s behaviour.

  •  General meeting on Violence

Second action:  territorial coverage, and taking on leadership roles

Vagrancy in cities

Survey on Fort de France homeless people

  • Territorial Diagnosis

The recurrent issue of addiction permeates and pervades society as a whole. Taking on a global, and participative approach in order to offer an adequate in situ intervention (targets for municipalities).

  • Cognitive-behavioural working method

With groups of adolescents under Legal Supervision.

  • Training on Drug Use and Addiction Studies

For carers, medical doctors, the police force, special educational needs teachers, teachers. Users in rehabilitation, school nurses.

  • Conference-Debate

« From eating disorders to obesity »,  « Attention disorders and hyperactivity» for specialised professionals...

  •  Caribbean International Congress of Psychiatry and Addiction Studies Congrès International de Psychiatrie et Addictologie de la Caraïbe

« Frantz FANON 50 years later», and « Progress in psychiatry and addiction studies »

  •  GEPS and SMP congresses

« Is suicide a hereditary trauma? Role of the environment, of the biological, and of trauma »

« Creativity, psychopathology, writing, the meaning of life… »