International Scientific Colloquium

Slavery: what is its impact on the psychology of populations ?

Martinique, October 26th ,27th

and Guadeloupe, October 28th



Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction medicine

Biographical information / Innovative Actions (January 2016).

He is regarded as the creator of French addictology—the study of addictions. 

He is the author of 330 scientific articles and 4 books.

He dedicated his life to the care of drug addicts, to helping Caribbean people and to teaching (Addiction medicine, Transcultural psychiatry). He established hospital facilities.  


 He participated, alongside Professor Olievenstein and with the support of public authorities, in the creation of the Marmottan Hospital in Paris in 1971 when the drug phenomenon emerged, and in the implementation of other concrete responses such as centers, post-treatments, doctors and social workers’ trainings, and public awareness.  His name remains attached to addiction treatments in France, particularly through the Centre Pierre Nicole that he founded in Paris and led for eleven years and which is still in operation today.

In 1987, he established the first Mother-Child unit in residential living for infected HIV addict mothers and their infants in precarious situations. In 1988, he created the first methadone program in specialized centers (AMI: Action Methadone Insertion).

In 1978, with Professor Pélicier, he founded the first transcultural psychiatry post- graduate program in France, and in 1981, with Professor Lebovici, the first French post-graduate course on drug addiction.

He participated in the first European telemedicine project: Telemed Project (Project RACE-R 1086), funded by the European Commission, and carried out between 1990 and 1994.

His theoretical contributions mainly concern the field of addiction, including the conceptual tools of addicts’ psychopathology Sensations Taking the Place of Affect, (1974), Drug Addict’s Identity (1976), Passionate Relationship to Drug (1979), la notion de conduite ordalique (Risk-Taking and Ordeal Behavior)

Pr. Aimé Charles Nicolas is cited in 435 international scientific papers according to Medline. His theoretical contributions also cover the psychopathology of the HIV carrier, transcultural psychiatry, and social intervention/action (Local Policies Preventions).


Returning to Martinique to be useful to his native land, he created the first University Department of Psychiatry including an Anxiety and Depression Unit, an Emergency Unit, a Liaison unit, a Psycho-geriatric unit, a Perinatal ward and an Addiction treatments department including a Residential treatment center, a Substitution therapy center, an Ambulatory and Research unit, a Mobile team ECIMUD, and a Crisis unit against doping in collaboration with the Direction of Youth and Sports. He revived the Emergency Psychological Support Team (whose effectiveness has been praised by the President of the Republic during the air disaster which hit Martinique August 16, 2005).

He is very involved in public health, spending a lot of time in informing people. He is the founding president of four associations, and the initiator of preventive actions.

He has been the Deputy Director of a research team devoted to neurosciences and cognitive pathologies for 15 years.


Appointed by the Prime Minister to the National AIDS Council (1996-2001).

Appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Research to the National Council of Universities (sub-section of psychiatry)

Elected: He was the first President of the Addictology group of the National Council of Universities (2006-2011)

Elected: President of the Medico-Psychological Society (2014).

Elected:  Editor-in-chief of the oldest (1843) and most prestigious journal of psychiatry of Europe—the "Annales Medico-Psychologiques."


He has been invited by the French universities and foreign universities including Massachusetts Hospital (Boston, USA) 2002: "African Diaspora, The French West Indies, Mental Health and Westernization”; University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 1999, “Crack in the Caribbean” (the Great Round); Veteran Hospital, Seattle 2000: “PTSD and Addictions”;  Porto Alegre (Brazil) 2001:  “Vulnerability to Addiction”; College of London,  London 2001: “Telepsychiatry”; Lisbon (1991):  Un dia con el profesor Charles-Nicolas


Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur  - Knight of the Legion of Honour -

Chevalier des Palmes Académiques -  Knight of Academic Palms

Listed among the "Top 5 most renowned West Indian Researchers" by the "L'Expansion" magazine (December 2008)