Colloque Scientifique International

L'esclavage : quel impact sur la psychologie des populations ?

Martinique, 26-27

et Guadeloupe, 28 octobre 2016

Professeur Benjamin BOWSER

Professeur Emérite Sociologue / USA


- 1976 : Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. ; Ph.D. in Sociology 

- 1969 : Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA ; B.A. in Sociology


- 1987 : California State University East Bay;

Emeritus | [Professor | Associate | Assistant Professor                                        

[Research Methods | Medical Sociology | Race/Ethnic Relations | Urban Sociology]

- 2005 University of Paris IV, La Sorbonne ; 

Visiting Professor
[Seminars: Race Relations in U.S. | Research Methods]


- 1993 : Network Research and Training Group, Oakland, CA

 Research Director
 [Program Evaluations and Community Needs Assessments]

PUBLICATIONS [books since 2004]

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